Breakfast and Picnic Service

Breakfast at your holiday cottage

Breakfast and Picnic Service

To prepare and enjoy a hearty breakfast with your partner, family or friends is a great way of showing you care for them and starting the day with plenty of energy.

For this reason we offer our breakfast delivery service. We can help you prepare a delicious breakfast, without having to queue at the supermarket!

Choose your pick:

Coffee, milk, biscuits, locally made pastries, butter, jam, juice and sugar.
Price: 10.00€ per person and day

Coffee or tea, milk, juice, cooked ham, cheese, ready sliced or freshly baked bread, eggs, jam, honey, a piece of seasonal fruit, butter and sugar.
Price: 12.00€ per person and day

Coffee or tea, skimmed milk, juice, seasonal fruit, cereal bar, wholemeal bread, cheese, honey and gofio.
Price: 12.00€ per person and day

We also offer a picnic delivery service for you to take on your walk. The picnic consists of:

  • A sandwich with cooked ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  • 2 pieces of seasonal fruit.
  • A cereal bar, nuts.
  • 1 bottle of water (500ml) or juice (200ml)

Price: 8.00€ per person and day


Gofio is one of the most emblematic products of the Canary Islands. Made with cereals that are toasted and ground, its consumption has decreased considerably, although it still plays an important part in the Canarian cuisine.

We suggest the following recipe:

Mix the gofio with hot milk and sugar to taste. Cut into small pieces some “queso blanco” (fresh white cheese) and make a compact lump. Put a spoon in each cup and pour the hot milk and coffee to taste on top. Enjoy!

If you are interested in our breakfast or picnic delivery services, fill in the form or call us.