About us

Dedicated to following a dream

About us

There have always been people who endeavour to follow their dreams with dedication and hard work. That is why we believe in our project VIVELORURAL.

We are already halfway there to achieving our dream thanks to our enthusiasm in promoting  tourism rural  + our experience in the tourism sector + all the professionals and friends who are helping us on this exciting journey!

VIVELORURAL is a company that launched in Gran Canaria to manage and rent holiday cottages and organize events and leisure activities.

We offer high quality and reasonable prices for traditional rustic properties, holiday homes in rural settings and small hotels. Unique locations to enjoy and find rest, immersed in wonderful countryside and beautiful landscape. There is so much more to Gran Canaria than just sun and beaches!

We can also help you find a rural setting for your event such as weddings and other celebrations, spiritual and personal development retreats, etc. We also offer the possibility of combining your relaxing holiday with fun activities such as guided walking, climbing and cycling.

You are all welcome to join us and live new experiences on this amazing island!

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